Friday, 1 April 2011

A different 100 ideas returns - Idea 21

Ok we’ve not been keeping up with this as well as we should have, but we just published the culmination of four years of policy work. We deserve a bit of leeway!

Now it’s back, but with a twist. We want this process to be much more of a dialogue rather than a one-sided, constant stream of our policy ideas.

So, from now on we’ll be posting our ideas in batches of ten. We’ll expand on one and provide a line on the others. That way it’s easier to digest and its specifically tailored to kick-start a conversation.


Idea 21. Fast track CPO for community purchase of vacant buildings and derelict land

The Land Reform legislation should be tweaked to allow local communities to buy derelict buildings and vacant sites that impact upon the desirability, vitality and vibrancy of town centres. We must enable local people to take control of their own high streets in this way of an environment conducive to economic and social activity is to be sustained, developed or in some cases created.

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