Wednesday, 16 March 2011

CSPP Manifesto for the 2011 SP Elections

We are delighted to publish our manifesto for the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections. During this Parliamentary term we have conducted our own conversation with over 1,000 stakeholders and members of the public - who we like to call the "unusual suspects".

Rigorous research projects and extensive engagement at dialogue dinners, Party Conferences, CSPP events, as well as an active social media network base, have provided a series of practical solutions that already have a cross section of support across the Scottish body politic.

This document outlines our policy recommendations for the next parliamentary term at Holyrood, whilst also picking up on themes for the 2012 council elections. Our vision for future Scottish public policy is accompanied by steps detailing how to deliver that change. These steps are practical – at best budget neutral, at worst cost effective – within the context of the precarious economic situation currently paralysing Scotland’s decision makers.

Our policy prescriptions will shape the discussion we hope to stimulate in the run up to the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections; an inclusive conversation that targets not just our members or the political classes but all of civic Scotland who have become increasingly detached from, and disappointed in, the old style confrontational politics that has strangulated political discourse and choked policy discussion in our parliament.

Click here to read the manifesto and let us know what you think.


Please note that the link on P12 (point 5) is broken. You can access information on this initiative here below.

Inverness City Vision 2010 (see docs to the right hand side as well)

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