Thursday, 14 April 2011

CSPP in the News - Education Reform

Yesterday our policy director Ross Martin appeared on Call Kaye.

To listen to the programme (13/4/11) click here.

Fast forward to 16:10.

P.s. You have 6 days left to listen to the programme.

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  1. I won't be listening to the Call Kaye programme; what I heard on Reporting Scotland this evening was enough! I first assumed that 'Ross Martin' and indeed the group itself must be some right wing think tank, since no explanation of the nonsense was given. On reading the BBC news article I am astonished to find that Keir Bloomer is in any way associated with such lazy, slapdash, easy-target language! Although I had no time for him as a union leader, I greatly admired his intellect and remember his work with an M.Ed seminar group in the 90s. To think that he would lend his name to the description of the ambitious and exciting work of Scotland's teachers as 'bog standard' beggars belief. Not only Dianne Abbott, then?