Friday, 1 April 2011

Ideas 22 - 30

Idea 22. Create an ARTS-ISA for those operating in financial markets (bankers etc)

Idea 23. Move to electronic voting making participation legally binding

Idea 24. All public funding of football to be tied to national restructuring. Ross wrote a great article on this issue in the Scotsman - click here.

Idea 25. No in-service days during term times.

Idea 26. Move from four year to three year honours degrees.

After four years many graduates do not have the requisite skills to succeed in the labour market given the abstract nature of their education. I was one of them. Cut it down to three and embed work related skills much more fully in the curriculum.

Idea 27. Each school cluster to be encouraged to develop its own media profile.

Idea 28. Create a Scottish League of Cities.

The cities in America, for instance, organise themselves as a well-oiled, well drilled, powerful collective against central government. Scottish cities should do the same and in fact some already doing it.

Idea 29. Replace ASBOs with high visibility reparation activities.

ASBOs don't work.

Idea 30. All new housing developments over 500 units to include local integrated health facility.

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  1. Idea 28 : League of Scottish Cities, wouldn't it be even better if these cities, once organised, could find a way of working WITH central government, rather than against it!