Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vote Yes to AV

Following the twists and turns of the AV referendum campaign has been depressing. Thorougly so. I never thought the campaign would solely focus on the subject matter (referendums never do), but I never expected the intensity of mudslinging and blatant inaccuracies that emanated from the No Camp.

AV will lead to more coalitions; it will further disenfranchise the British electorate with more deals done behind closed doors; and it will lead to more hung parliaments. None of these claims are true.

Our position is clear. If we have an opportunity to change the anachronistic UK electoral system we have to take it. AV isn't perfect nor is it proportional, but it is a positive change.

The referendum isn't about Nick Clegg or the UK Coalition Government. It is about whether or not AV should replace First Past the Post as the UK's electoral system. There has been an incredible amount of mudslinging in this debate so make sure you know the facts by clicking here.

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