Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ideas 81-90

81. Use social networking tools such as patient opinion and mypolice to help inform policy debate.

The 2011 SP election has illustrated clearly that how we engage and debate is changing. Indeed, twitter has had its very own virtual campaign.

The next logical step is to inform the development and formulation of public policy via social networking tools. Already we have exciting innovations from the likes of mypolice.

82. Charity boxes should be Scottish designed, branded and given a new generic name.

83. Introduce Congestion Charging for Aberdeen to fund the AWPR.

84. Name and shame persistent offenders in the court sections of local newspapers.

85. Create rail station enterprise hubs as an investment partnership.

86. Change building design and regulations to encourage better use of 'garage' space from start.

87. Establish stronger links between our cities and the world-wide cities movement.

88. Create an international network of graduate ambassadors.

A novel way to export Scotland’s greatest asset - our people.

89. Freeze all inactive Major Growth Areas (secondary school sized).

90. Create a student quarter in Glasgow City Centre.

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