Monday, 21 February 2011

Idea 14: A BID for every town in Scotland

A Business Improvement District for every town in Scotland.

As we struggle our way along the bumpy road from recession towards economic stability and hopefully onwards to growth, it is essential that we ensure our town centres have the tools for success. A Business Improvement District (BID) enables businesses to work together, to pool resources and raise revenue, delivering a true local partnership between the public and private sectors, with the primary aim of delivering local solutions to local issues and concerns and improving local economic growth.

A BID brings focus and energy from the private sector which when combined with public sector support can make a real improvement and difference to Scotland's town centres.

All towns of whatever size have different issues and problems that are of concern to local businesses and these problems often impact on the local community and the wider regeneration aspirations of the public sector.

The creation of a Business Improvement District will encourage greater use of our town centres. From physical improvements to marketing campaigns, from food festivals to community safety, BIDs make a real difference to the vibrancy of our town centres, recognising the vital role they have to play in the economic and social fabric of our communities.

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