Thursday, 3 February 2011

Idea 8: Elected mayors for the Core Four

Pilot Elected mayors for the Core Four cities in Scotland.

Why is Scotland the only country not to recognise the value of directly elected City Mayors? Ok, some may wish to call them Provosts but let's at least agree on the need for a strong, clear purposeful voice for our cities, as happens all over the world.

Would the Edinburgh congestion charge shambles have happened under a Mayor like Red Ken? Would Aberdeen be having the troubles it now faces with a Guiliani? Who would you choose as Mayor of Glasgow with the rich mix that great city has of politicians, business leaders and other personalities?

Other than gorgeous George can you name a single leading politician discovered in Dundee? Our Cities are the engines of the Scottish economy, they deserve and need strong, high-profile, powerful leadership that can get things done on pressing issues like budgetary constraints, shared services and climate change.

And of course, the mayoral model we use can learn from the mistakes from down south where the balance of power between the executive and the legislature is severely skewed in favour of the former.

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