Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Launch of 100 ideas for 100 days

For some Burns night is a celebration while for others it is simply another day. Of course, there is one small group who view it differently from the rest. At the CSPP we are using Burns night to kick-start our “100 ideas for 100 days” feature which will count down the days until the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May. Think of a healthy advent calendar with surprise policy contributions behind each door.

Every weekday we will tweet a new policy idea with links to this blog explaining the idea in more depth. Of course, it’s not an academic article so don’t expect long, cited efforts. Rather, expect short, snappy pieces that are designed to stimulate a dialogue with those interested in the future of Scottish politics. Love it or hate it, we want to hear from you.

Every week we'll email a summary of our ideas to our networks so if your not on the mail list get in touch - barry@cspp.org.uk

Today's idea will be posted very soon.

Happy 100 days!

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