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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Idea 2: Fourth Road Bridge Out; HSR Link In.

Scrap the commitment to build a 'fourth' road bridge and fund the Scottish end of High Speed Rail.

In austere times tough choices have to be made. Promises made in time of growth have to be reviewed again due to the turbulent economic times. Only yesterday the ONS published new data that showed public sector net debt was £889.1bn or 59.3% of GDP at the end of December 2010.

It is for this reason, and our belief that HSR2 would have a significantly greater economic impact, that we suggest scrapping the commitment to build a new fourth road bridge (or in Government parlance, " a replacement crossing") and diverting £1bn to start the High Speed Rail Line from Scotland. The other £1bn should be used for other transport projects that will boost economic growth.


  1. An even better idea - lets spend all the money instead on transport schemes that make us healthier, fitter and greener, spreading the money across the country for all to benefit. Just imagine what a transformation £2bn could bring if we spent it to support walking and cycling and help us cut car dependency.

  2. On the basis that the estimated cost of building HSR2 from London to Birmingham is around £16-17 billion, your proposal to spend £1 bn would probably only get us from Glasgow to Motherwell.

  3. CSPP - the estuary is the 'Forth' not the 'Fourth'...

  4. It wouldn't be the 4th bridge but the 2nd. Even if they can extend the current bridges life it will still need replaced or would all the traffic just be diverted via Kincardine.

  5. Actually, the current bridge, Kincardine and Clacks bridges would make it the fourth. Assuming folk, but it's more like the 7th or 8th if you include all the bridges in Stirling.

  6. 1) Our forthcoming manifesto will feature sustainable transport and follow the ideas of Transform Scotland re: 10% of transport goes to sustainable modes.

    2) I think you already know this bit the misspelling is deliberate.